June 10, 2017


What is it?
The Enigma Files is a mail order game inspired by Live Escape Games / Exit Rooms.

Is it the same as a Live Escape Game?
It’s very similar. The game uses the same principles as Escape Games such as searching for clues and solving puzzles. The main difference is Escape Games have clues and puzzles hidden inside a room. The Enigma Files has those same clues and puzzles hidden inside of a package delivered to your door.

How hard is it?
Our games are just as challenging as any Escape Game. In fact, they could be possibly even harder.

What if I get stuck while playing?
You can contact us at hint@enigme-files.com with any questions related to the game. We advise however that you work through the puzzles on your own and take your time trying to solve the case.

How many people can play?
You can play our games as a single player or as a team. The choice is yours!

How long does it take?
On average each game should take about 60 – 120 minutes. The great thing about The Enigma Files, unlike Escape Games, is that when the timer runs out you can keep on playing until you finish. You can also play the game without a time limit, completely at your own pace. This method allows you to play the game over several days if desired.

What if I’ve never played a Live Escape Game?
Not a problem! The Enigma Files are designed so that you can play without any Escape Game experience. There are no pre-requisite skills required. It is a game of logic.

Are their age requirements?
Players under the age of 14 should be supervised when playing. The puzzles are designed to be challenging for adults, so children will definitely need an adult present to play the game.

Do You Ship Worldwide? How much does it cost?
Yes we can ship The Enigma Files anywhere in the world! Shipping rates vary depending on the country.

I’ve purchased one of your products and an item has become damaged/broken, can you replace it?
Yes absolutely! Just email us and we will be happy to assist you.

Are your products suitable for business team building?
Most definitely! Our games are designed so that they can be played in teams. The game requires communication and problem solving skills to complete. We offer special packages for companies. Contact for details.

Still have questions?
Email us at info@enigma-files.com